getting in is important.

        closing is vital.



To get big contracts, it helps to have big friends.  I open doors for your company at the highest levels.

Partial list: Boeing, General Electric, General Motors, Motorola, Sony, Beckton Dickinson, Boston Scientific, CSC, Siemens, Raytheon, Baxter, Northrop Grumman, and many, many more.   Plus government officials here and around the world.

Don’t rub 2 sticks together to create fire.  Let me hand you a torch.

I have assembled a world-class systems integration, engineering, and project management capability in the United States. This is coupled with my extensive rep, distributor, and reseller network covering North America, Asia, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.   This system can provide huge benefits for you.

Distill the message to heighten the effect.

Whether it’s sophisticated avionics, mechanical systems, or other products and services, I understand the essentials quickly.   Then I distill the essentials to communicate them clearly.

It’s not just who you know that matters, it’s who you get to know.

I can reach virtually anyone.  I find people who A) have a need, B) have money, and C) can spend it.

And most importantly, once started I know how to move the process forward effectively.