in this case,

past performance does predict future results...

look back to see forward...                 


​ Project management and systems integration work expands. BD work continues for key clients.


Momentum from a strong 2019 propelled Ultravance through 2020 unscathed.


Surpassed 2018's record revenue halfway through 2019. Ultimately doubled that revenue figure.
Note: Ultravance's revenue is in direct proportion to the success of my clients.


​ Record-breaking revenue years for Ultravance as a result of substantial projects with and for my clients.
    Amazing experiences (and thank you!)


​ Worked with prime clients across the U.S. and in Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.


Rapidly succeeded in landing high-value UAV/UAS clients after founding Ultravance.


Launched Ultravance Corporation at close of Q4. Landed first client within weeks.


Produced highest-grossing and most profitable year to date for employer


Landed largest customers to date for employer, and first foreign contracts


​ Led outbound sales team to place 24,000 calls in 4 months


​ Received top company award (during a recession)

​ 2008

Quota was tripled. Beat that by over a million dollars.


Beat quota by 150%. Overcame quality issues with major customer to sign $6,000,000 contract.

​ 2006

Received major company award after converting "failing" account to "preferred" and then landing
multi-million dollar, multi-year contract with them.


Managed 65+ corporate accounts and successfully led team of outside reps and distributors


​ Steve co-authored “Bulletproof Salesman” which was then published by Productive Publications, Toronto.


Led region to regularly win company sales competitions

​ 1991-2001

​ Cold called 3,000 companies in person in first year
​ Landed 300 new accounts, requiring 9 new-hires just to manage those accounts
​ Produced revenue that allowed employer to grow from 5 to 125 employees